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In early 2020 while working at Springbox, I was part of a team in charge of redesigning the Springbox website to showcase our recent work and to create a web experience that was unique to Springbox but also inline with our parent company Prophet's design system. I acted as UI designer and interaction designer on this project and worked closely with a team of UI/UX designers, experience director and copywriters.

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Austin, TX
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The challenge

Springbox, a digital agency, was acquired by Prophet, a global consultancy in 2018 but maintained its own unique identity through 2019. As part of a long term plan to integrate the two but keep Springbox autonomous, my team was tasked with creating a new SBX website that would show that we were an arm of our parent company but also display the unique digital work we have done and the specific skills the SBX team had to offer.

The design

The Prophet branding and design system was well defined previous to this project but needed some further exploration for the digital space. I was really inspired by the icons and illustrations that Prophet uses for all their digital materials. I wanted to create a design that was fun and playful but also eye catching and allowed for negative space when appropriate. My design relied heavily on the use of specific icons to relate to the various disciplines that SBX had, for example, eyes for the creative team, pencil for the strategy team, etc. I carried these patterns created by the icons and shapes throughout the website to tie it together. Motion and interaction design has always been my passion and I was lucky to get to experiment fully with interaction for this site. I wanted to make sure every element and motion was thought through, down to the way the user goes through something as simple as a form.