Pwc ProEdge

Pwc needed a campaign and accompanying website for the launch of their product ProEdge. I acted as UI designer and interaction designer for this project.

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Dallas, TX
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The challenge

The branding for Pwc and ProEdge were both strong but also conflicting. We needed to design a site for the product but could not use any of the ProEdge elements. Despite this, we needed to give the site a cohesive look that melded together Pwc and ProEdge seamlessly. The client was very insistent on "motion like Apple" but did not necessarily understand how this would translate to their site. A big challenge I faced with this project was how to bring motion and visual interest into a site that was restricted to using only screenshots of the product along with a very limited color palette.

The design

Pwc as a brand has a fairly limited color palette to begin with and through our conversations and various design rounds with the client, that color palette was reduced to 3 colors plus black. Using the Apple iphone 12 landing site as loose inspiration, I added some simple but effective motion to the page to give it more visual impact. Because there were no icons are illustrations that we were allowed to use for this project, I employed color blocks with simple motion to give the page some life. I was able to translate much of this to the mobile version to give it some personality and tie nicely back to the desktop version.